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Celebrating the Writers of Dogwood 15

a In the coming days we will be posting selections from the writers of  Dogwood 15, each of whose work was submitted for publication during our contest and open reading period last year.  You can submit your work to this year’s contest and open reading period by clicking this link.   Below is the table of […]
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New Back Issue Content Available!

Dogwood is happy to announce that we have begun the process of adding more online back issue content for our readers to enjoy! Content for both Volume #5 (2005) and Volume #8 (2008) is now available on our site, and will be continually updated in the coming weeks. Links to specific pieces that are now […]
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Dogwood 2013 Contest Winners

Dogwood is pleased to announce the contest winners of the upcoming 2013 issue, which is available in print and via LitRagger. Dogwood is an annual journal of poetry and prose sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the English Department at Fairfield University. From August 1st-October 15th each year, the Dogwood staff collects works […]
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The First Online Content is from Maya Jewell Zeller

The staff at Dogwood has done a fantastic job not only gathering information about our past issues but also contacting our writers from the past decade. They have also sketched out a plan for how to gradually get permissions to post selections from our back-issue content. The first real step in this direction, from our […]
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Dogwood 2012 Issue, Contents, and Contest Winners!

After a year of hiatus, and a digital rebirth, Dogwood returns this year with a brand new issue, a brand new student staff, and a brand new Editor. Sonya Huber, the new Editor of Dogwood, has taken up the task of building a new foundation for Dogwood that will provide stability and relevancy in the […]
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What Our Writers are Up to Now: 2002

Cecilia Woloch “Ottava Rima: Lear,” “My Mother’s Pillow,” “Nocturne” Cecilia Woloch’s pieces that first appeared in Dogwood’s 2003 issue where published in her 2003 collection, Late from BOA Editions. Susan Kelly-DeWitt  “Valerian,” “Butterfly” Susan Kelly-DeWitt’s is the author of The Fortunate Islands (Marick Press) and eight previous small press collections. Her online chapbook, Season of Change is forthcoming from the online […]
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What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2008

James Reed  “Priceless Good Will” James Reed has been an instructor of creative writing at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. While teaching, he was also the Fiction and Marketing Editor of The Nebraska Review. His work has also appeared in Bat City Review, The River Styx, and West Branch.  He has received the Charles B. Wood Award for […]
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What Our Writers are Up To Now: 2005

Lyn Lifshin ” Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941″ Lyn Lifshin has a few forthcoming books including All the Poets Who Have Touched Me, Living and Dead, All True: Especially the Lies, A Gil Goes Into the Woods from  New York Quarterly Books and For the Roses: Poems for Joni Mitchell . Eugene Gloria “Diane Arbus Prowls Our Street” […]
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What Our Writers are Up to Now: 2001

Katharyn Machan “Braiding,”  “Witch” Currently Katharyn Howd Machan now as a full professor, has been teaching on the faculty of the Department of Writing at Ithaca College ever since, with additional active roles in the Women’s Studies Program and the Gerontology Institute. Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies/textbooks most recently Belly Words: Poems of […]
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What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2009

Julie L. Moore, “Harnessing Infinity” & “Ancient Ritual” Julie L. Moore is the author of Slipping Out of Bloom, her first full-length book of poetry, which was published by WordTech Editions in June 2010. Her poetry has also been published in several anthologies, including Becoming: Anthology of Women’s Stories, and Mamas and Papas from City Works Press. Connie Post, “Vessel […]
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What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2007

Peter Schmitt, “Cat in a Hurricane” and “Swimming Naked with the Quakers” Peter Schmitt is the author of five collections of poems, including Renewing the Vows, in which these selections appear. Lynne Thompson, “More Than a Rhythm Section” Since Lynne Thompson’s worked appeared in Dogwood, she is still writing and had recently completed a manuscript. […]
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What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2010

Sara Burge, “Geometry” Sara Burge’s first book, Apocalypse Ranch, won the De Novo award and was published by C&R Press in Fall 2010. Her poems have appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review, River Styx, MARGIE, Court Green, The Los Angeles Review, and elsewhere. She teaches poetry writing at Missouri State University. Andrea J. Nolan, “Sister Hercules” […]
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What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2004

Joshua Mehigan, “Promenade,” “The Umbrella Man” Joshua Mehigan’s book, The Optimist, was published in 2004, was a finalist for the 2005 Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize. His work has been published in The New York Times, The New Republic, Poetry Daily, and The Writer’s Almanac. He was also the recipient of a 2011 National Endowment […]
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What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2003

Since the Dogwood publication in the spring of 2003, our authors have been hard at work striving to further their careers. Many of our authors have made achievements, receiving awards and publishing new works. Marilyn L. Taylor, “Notes from The Good-Girl Chronicles, 1963” Marilyn L. Taylor is the author of six collections of poetry. She is a […]
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Rebuilding Dogwood

If you’d like to allow us to put part or all of your published Dogwood content online, please let us know. We’d appreciate it! Also, strangely enough, we are missing back issues from these years: 2006 and 2008. Anyone have one they’d like to donate? We are amnesiac, but loveable.

Slideshow of Dogwood Covers

Dogwood 2008 is on the run

  Dogwood Issue 2008 is not among our archives, but we are actively seeking a copy. Do you have one you’d like to donate? It looks lovely and I am sure its content matches its fine cover.